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A combination of microcurrent , ultrasound and LED light therapy to create innovative treatments that revitalises, tightens and tones facial muscles. CACI has unrivalled celebrity making it the most talked about treatment in the industry’s history. 

Tightens and tones sagging muscles, smooths appearance of lines and wrinkles (60 mins).

CACI Ultra S.P.E.D
CACI Signature Facial £40 £50
Course of 10 £360

Developed to target specific blemishes, age spots, pigmentation, face, lips, back, eyes & neck.

CACI Ultra S.P.E.D
Signature CACI (75 mins) £58 £65
Course of 10 £522 £612

Developed to target specific blemishes, age spots, pigmentation, face, lips, back, eyes & neck.

CACI Ultra S.P.E.D
Deep Wrinkle £20 £25
Jowl Lift £20 £25
Eye Revive £30 £35
Blemish/Acne Fix £30 £35
Hydratone Masque £15 £20
Bust Lift £45 £50
ECM Cellulite Bum Lift £35 £40
Microdermabrasion £35
Lip Perfect £15
Neck & Bust £45 £50
Orbital Microdermabrasion £35
S.P.E.D Additional Mins £1


Taking skin rejuvenation to another level, delivered by INNOPen the world’s safest microneedling device, for the rejuvenation of various skin conditions. Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin tone, texture and pigmentation, improves scars from acne, surgery or burns. 3 treatments are usually required over a 6 month period. 6 treatments for deep scarring and deep lines. 6 month maintenance recommended therafter.

Full Face 60mins £100
Neck 45mins £100
Small Area (eg. pigment patch, lip area, frown lines, crowsfeet, scar) 30mins £60

Using INNOPen Microneedling and Growth factor technology

Individual consultation FREE
Course of 5 x 30 minute weekly treatments Individually priced

PEEL TREATMENTS (2 weeks preparation required)


Skin peels accelerate the skins natural exfoliation. AHA and BHA acids are used, particularly glycol acid – the smallest of the fruit acid molecules. There is little or no down time but you may observe a sensation similar to mild sunburn or slight flaking skin for about 3 days following the treatment, home care is recommended.

MILK PEEL to brighten dull complexions, smooth fine lines and stimulate collagen production 30 mins £48
MASK PEEL for acne prone, visible pores and skin with excess suburb, inc. blackhead extraction 30 mins £48
Course of 4 at two week intervals £160
LIGHTENING LIFT for pigmentation, rescue, ageing and dry skin 45 mins £65
WRINKLE LIFT for ageing, wrinkles, coarse, dull and uneven skin 45 mins £65
ACNE LIFT for acne, oily and ageing skin 45 mins £65
SIGNATURE FACE LIFT for rescue, dry and dull skin 45 mins £65
ORMEDIC LIFT for sensitive and irritated skin 45 mins £65
Course of 4 at 2 week intervals   £220
O2 OXYGEN PEEL 45 mins £65

CACI Ultra & CACI Synergy combined with a choice of any skin peel treatments, work fabulously together to give the ultimate bespoke toning and brightening facial                                                  

CACI and Dermaceutic Peel (60 mins) ultra       £65 S.P.E.D   £75
CACI and Image Peel (60 mins ) ultra.      £85 S.P.E.D  £95


Freezpen Wart, Skin Tag & Pigmentation removal


Using the latest Freezpen Cryotherapy Treatment removes unwanted lesions painlessly in minutes. Individually priced per lesion according to type.


From £60
Melia Removal £30



Quick beauty treatments

Hands or feet £24
(if removed & re-applied) £30
Hands or feet £12

Hands or feet £15


Lash Lift (inc. tint) £45
Party Lashes £25
Lash Tint (Patch test required) £12
Eyebrow Tint £10


Using either hot or warm wax. For other target areas please enquire.

Eyebrows £10
Underarm £12 £15
Full leg £24 £35
3/4 leg £21 £30
Half leg £18 £25
Bikini line £12 £15
Brazilian £25 £30
Hollywood £30 £35



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