Freezpen (Cryotherapy) Pigmentation Patches & Mole Removal.


The world’s best non-invasive treatment for removing benign skin lesions such as dark spots, skin tags, moles, age spots, warts and more. Using cryotherapy, the Freezpen is able to control the destruction of unwanted tissue through the application of extreme cold.

What makes the Freezpen different?

It utilizes Nitrous Oxide (N2O), a safer alternative to Liquid Nitrogen (N2), which is commonly used in other forms of cryotherapy. N2O rapidly freezes and destroys targeted cells but its not so cold as to cause damage to surrounding healthy tissue. The applicator is designed for precision, allowing for a gas outflow that targets only the lesion and provides maximum accuracy during the treatment, minimizing discomfort and leaving little to no downtime with a few treatment sessions.

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